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some excerpts from reviews of Where the Wild Things Are. I have the feeling that this movie is going to make me tear up.
"...scarier is the prospect of not fitting in. Of not being understood. Of being alone. Of seeing your family group fall apart. Of having change come in and take away everything you know. Of loving so much... and not quite being loved the same way in return. ...every happy moment is bittersweet because you can be sure it will be offset by something hurtful or sad. And Max isn't just feeling the pain, he's inflicting it. In a dirt clod war he eggs on his teammates to keep pummeling a helpless and injured enemy just because they have the upper hand and they can. At the opening of the film Max is reduced to tears when his sister's big friends take a snowball fight too far and smash his snow fort; living with the Wild Things he does the same to someone more helpless than he was. Jonze doesn't comment on this, he doesn't go out of his way to draw parallels.
...This isn't a story that usually gets told in movies - films have a very specific set of outcasts and troubled kids, and well-meaning angry creative fuck-ups like Max and me and Spike Jonze and probably you aren't in that set - and it definitely never gets told from the point of view of the kid. " (chud.com)

"a film that often dazzles during its quietest moments, as when Max sets sail, and you intuit his pluck and will from the close-ups of him staring into the unknown. He looms large here, as we do inside our heads. But when the view abruptly shifts to an overhead shot, you see that the boat is simply a speck amid an overwhelming vastness. This is the human condition, in two eloquent images. " NYTimes



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